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This page explores some of the options for involvement, and rewards of participation in the network both in your local environment and England-wide.


Some possibilties are listed below - in real life these are usually not in separate boxes!

• You can receive information, news and views while continuing with your own priorities.

• You can use Devolve! ideas and support as an aid to your own local activities.

• You may be influenced by Devolve! to change the way you live or the things you do, making new friends and contacts along the way. For example: helping to set up a residents association or local forum; playing your part in English cultural events and renewal activities; re-sharing part of your income in real solidarity with other people.

• You could promote Devolve! locally - perhaps being an area contact.

• You will be able to use the Devolve! network to help develop your ideas.

• By your own thinking you will probably contribute to the network's pool of ideas.

• Why not join or become a correspondent to one of the Devolve! working groups. At present these cover Regional devolution, Democratic devolution, Cultural devolution, and Economic devolution.

• You may be able to represent Devolve! at gatherings of other groups, including our allies.

Going beyond Devolve! Our network is not an end in itself, rather a tool in the wider struggle for a better world. Your own main activities may continue to be elsewhere.

Devolve! increases your potential for entering into and creating new networks of influence and ideas exchange.


• We are pleased to advise that Devolve! has a close relationship with recently formed Gaia University: some ideas developed in our working groups are included in the syllabus options. The link to Gaia University can be found on our Links and Allies page. Check it often, as the Gaia University project is evolving rapidly and is definitely planetary. DEGREES! Yes, fully accredited degrees for world changers! For 2006-7 Gaia is able to offer: B.Sc in Ecological Design; M.Sc and Graduate Diplomas in 'Open Topic' i.e. any world changing field that you have made your project; M.Sc and Graduate Diplomas in Regional Development of Gaia U. This involves mapping out worldwide this radical model of self controlled education.


inform     for general enquiries

democrat     for Democracy issues

cultures     for Cultural issues

economy     for Economic issues

Or by post to: Devolve! 10 Bartholomew Street, Leicester LE2 1FA

For the 'Aspects of The Future' network the new contact is:

futures                   You can be put in touch any Aspect Group - or even get one rolling!

SPECIAL NOTICE: To prevent machine capture of the above addresses for fraudulent purposes, a space has been inserted before the "@" in each of the above addresses. Please do not include this space when mailing.