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This site is no longer serviced. It contains valuable archive material and this will continue to be available.

The Devolve! network still exists as a partner in Planet Centred Forum: www.planetcentredforum.org

Contacts: inform@devolve.org; publishing@devolve.org; economy@devolve.org; democracy@devolve.org

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" ... for we are the people of England that never have spoken yet! " - G.K. Chesterton, The Secret People

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Devolve! is a radical English devolution movement. We aim to encourage the peoples of England to achieve greater control over their own lives. Tolerance is central to our beliefs. Devolve! is non-party political.

England Devolve!  speaks out on England


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Our own areas of England: bringing power closer to home through Territorial Devolution.

Ourselves as individuals and small bonded groups: through involved democracy (people making policy), starting locally and face to face: Democratic Devolution.

Ourselves as cultural groups (peoples): giving English culture, and the other cultures in England, full political representation: Cultural Devolution.

Ourselves as producers and consumers: creating together a co-operative economy under responsible human control: Economic Devolution.

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